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NaturopathyOver 50 Naturopathy therapy
Treatment through naturopathy is a unique feature in recently establish Niramayam where health seekers are treated with the help of Hydro Therapy, Mud Therapy, Sun Therapy, Aero Therapy, Open Air Space Therapy, Yog Therapy, Pyramid Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Pranic Healing, Colon Irrigator Hydro Therapy, Mud Swimming Pool, Ozone Steam Sauna Bath, Water Wave Massage Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Ozone Bubble Massage, Circular Jet Massage, Hydro Jet Spray Bath, Douche, Circular Sprinkler Shower Bath, Hydro Accupressurism as per gudelines of classical texts under the supervision of world renowned naturopathy physician Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj
PanchkarmaOver 30 Panchkarma therapy
The Niramayam provides ‘Panchkarm’ treatment, strictly in accordance with the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and under the strict guidance of Rev. Acharya Balkrishan Ji Maharaj.
Shat KarmOver 20 Shat Karm therapy
Shatkarma: The teachings of the Six-karmas were given by saints to their pupils to initiate them into the purification of the body and beginning of Rajyayog (higher life). These activities rejuvenate the human body and make it disease free, endow longer, healthy, strong and radiant life. In Niramayam shat karm activities are conducted under the supervision of able, experienced yog/shat karm instructures.
Yog which is now known to almost everyone is a process which not only helps in health improvement but is also a way for spirituality and successful meditation. Yog therapy is a therapy in naturopathy treatment process which is accomplished by practicing yog to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In Niramayam yog therapy is practiced with various limbs of astanga yog like asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, etc. Yog therapy has endless list of benefits few of them are listed below: Increases the capacity of lungs, so people suffering from diseases like asthma and other lung-related disorders may find relief. Improves immunity of the body. Helps in relieving emotional and nervous anxiety. Rejuvenates and refreshes both body and mind. Improves blood circulation, conditions of high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
Acupressure applies the same principles as acupuncture to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease that uses the fingers to gradually press key healing points which relieves energy blockages. The energy flow in body affects everything ‐ how you feel, how you think, and how you breathe and acupressure helps in regulating that energy flow. Yog Gram provides treatment through acupressure therapy where in skilled and trained staff is committed for healing people and making them relived from their pains.
In Niramayam research is continuously conducted while treating cancer, asthma, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and heart diseases by the integrated therapy of Yog, Naturopathy and herbs. Efforts are focused to find simple, natural and affordable treatments for these diseases and to make them universally acceptable. For this purpose there is a computerized laboratory equipped with latest machines and instruments where facilities for all types of investigations are available. Research-oriented books written by eminent scholars and experienced physicians in India and abroad are also stocked here. In the spare time health seekers may take the advantage of these facilities inside the library and can attain the knowledge of spiritualism, health and hygiene, yog, naturopathy and health sciences, thereby educating themselves about the art of living healthy, peaceful and happy life. Effective in relieve from pain, improvement of appearance, relieve from tension in the back. Beneficial in healing emotional pain for greater health and beauty. Cures Arthritis, Pain, Headache, Indigestion and Sleep disorders.
Fitness Center
A well equiepped fitness center with ultra modern equippments is available.
24x7 free internet over Wifi is available in Niramyam.
Swiming Pool
Four feet deep fresh water, hygenic swiming pool is available.
Seven star accomodation
Delux and semidelux accomodation is available here.
Medicated dining
Specially planned medicated diet for patients of various diseased is available in the supervision of experienced diatecians.
Horse Riding
Horse riding is an isometric exercise, which means it uses specific muscles to stay in certain positions, in this case, keeping balanced on the horse. Because of this, postural strength is very important when riding and the posture of riders improves even in day to day activities. Niramayam has facility of skilling people in horse riding as there is a barn of horses from powerful breed. Horse riding is not only a way to reduce stress but also is a powerful and creative way for keeping body muscles fit and improving decision making capabilities.
For visitors and health seekers, laundry has been arranged within the premises of Yog Gram. This laundry is fully equipped with most modern equipments where facility of washing and dry cleaning linens and other cloths is available at very nominal charges.
Housekeeping service is provided by well qualified and experienced staff.

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