Special Discount on Accommodations

  1. 1. Special Discount on winter season (from 1st December 2019 to 10th February 2020)
  2. a) During the stay of one week (7 days) will get 10% discount on Room rent.
  3. b) During the stay of two week (14 days) will get 15% discount on Room rent.
  4. c) During the stay of three week (21 days) will get 20% discount on Room rent.
  5. d) During the stay of one month (30 days) will get 25% discount on Room rent.
  6. 2. Special Discount for Patanjali Members:
  7. The Discount/royalty shall be given to our valuable members only once in a year as mentioned below. Discount can be availed by dependent (Mother, Father, Son (25 Years/Unmarried), Daughter (25/Unmarried), Brothers (25 Year/Unmarried).
  8. a) Founder Members 10% discount on total Room package.
  9. b) Corporate Member 15% discount on total Room Package.
  10. c) Board Member 20% discount on Total Room Package.
  11. Note: - Life Member & Pattern Member can avail their discounts at Yoggram. However they will be treated as a regular visitor at Niramayam.
  12. 3. Special Discount on Group booking:
  13. a) Minimum-10 members and above will get 5 % discount on Room rent throughout the year.