Boating in Niramyam

  • Boating

    Boating is a common facility to NIRAMAYAM attached with Yoggram .Sailing in boat in itself has its own charm and pleasure which helps in enjoying time with water and nature and works as a therapy which helps in reducing stress. Yog Gram has a lake built inside it with boating facility, which health seekers can enjoy in their spare time. On moonlit nights sailing boats in lake gives a thrilling and delightful experience. While paddling the boat on the lake is source of amusement, it is also an excellent and interesting exercise for feet. There is a flower-decked island in the midst of the lake. Boating in the shimmering moonlight and the reflections of various illuminations around the lake transports one into an eerie and amazing dreamland where there is neither disease nor misery while there is only health and happiness all around.

    The sweet melody of waterfall is such a treat to the ears. A dip into it relieves one from diseases and miseries. One can take benefit of sailing the boat in the lake around Small Island on very nominal charges. INR 50 per person for 30 Minutes.