• Operating under the blessings of Revered Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and the direction and guidance of Revered Acharya Balkrishnaji, Yog Gram is an excellent and unique centre for providing holistic treatment through an integrated use of Yoga, Naturopathy and harmless herbs and medicinal plants.

    Providing physical, mental and spiritual health, happiness, peace and prosperity to the whole afflicted mankind suffering from incurable diseases, through the integrated therapy of Ayurveda (āuh+veda), the science of ensuring longevity and health, Yoga and Naturopathy, Yog Gram presents a unique combination of the ancient traditional medical system and the modern diagnostics. Yog Gram is an unprecedented experiment of bringing together the age-old rural ambience and the ultra-modern lifestyle and the latest architecture. Life blooms and blossoms with all its fragrance when science and spiritualism unite with each other. By separating science from spiritualism we fall prey to superstitious beliefs, and by taking away spiritualism from science we are totally doomed. A unique health science is developing in Yog Gram with the co-ordination of science and spiritualism where the ailing humankind is undergoing a metamorphosis at the level of body, mind and consciousness.